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Online Shoerepair

Dear customer,

From today SHOERECRAFTING offers you the “Online Repair” programme. With this programme SHOERECRAFTING offers you the possibility to send us your shoes, which need to be repaired. After the repair your shoes will be sent back to you. This way you don’t need to find the time for this in your already very charged schedule.

This possibility is only offered by SHOERECRAFTING for putting on new soles on Goodyear sowed shoes such as Loake, Alfred Sargent, Ambiorix, Church's, Crocket and Jones, Paraboot, Edward Green Alden and other shoes made the same way.
Other repairs will not be accepted by SHOERECRAFTING via the “Online Repair” programme because we work with a fixed price for putting on new soles and the expedition of the shoes.

If you want to use the programme to have new soles put on your shoes and another repair is needed on your shoes, please inform us explicitly of this under the section “Message to us”. When we receive the shoes and have determined the repair costs, we will inform you first of the possible additional cost before doing the repair.

The basic programme will take maximum 2 weeks counting from the date on which you have sent us the package.

Click here for the form.

1. Price

Price for the "Online Repair" programme: (includes putting on new soles on
your shoes, maintenance of the leather and an expedition with tracking number)

a) Belgium: 110 euro
b) The Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg: 125 euro
c) Germany, France en the United Kingdom: 135 euro

Note: If you live outside these zones, please ask for a price via the contact form.

We advise you to do an expedition with tracking number to make sure that the goods arrive safely. We will do our best to treat your shoes and send them back to you with the up most care. Nevertheless we can’t take any responsibility for possible damages that occurred after sending back the goods.

2. Method:

 1.   You fill in the form on our website and receive an e-mail, you print this e-mail and add it to the shoes that need repairing.
 2.   You pay the amount and send us the shoes at the same time. We only start putting on new soles after receiving your payment.
 3.   We will probably receive the payment and the shoes at the same time. In that case we will start putting on new soles within 3 working days.
 4.   When this is finished, the shoes will get maintenance and we will send the shoes back at you.